An outfit I styled at the age of 4. In the words of my brother 'already a fashion victim back then'

Hi and welcome to Ma Vie en R0se. I'm Alissia a 20 year old half English/half Belgian communication sciences student, enjoying life in Antwerp. This is my little piece of the Internet where I like to ramble on about makeup, skincare, hair products, fashion and whatever I feel like really.

You may be wondering how Ma Vie en R0se all came about. Well let me explain. I've always had a love for clothes, even as a young teen I loved expressing myself via my clothing. A couple of years later I also acquired a love for beauty products and as most of my friends weren't really into beauty that much, I was missing out on the joy that is discussing makeup, skincare & haircare. So when my need to talk about beauty & fashion finally became too big to handle anymore, I decided to start Ma Vie en R0se to share my unconditional love for fashion and beauty with everyone who wished to read it.

I came about the name Ma Vie en R0se, firstly because my blog would be a place where I would share all the pretty things in my life and all the things that would make me feel pretty. Secondly, it is also a reference to my great grandmother. She always used to sing the song la vie en rose by Edith Piaf and she was also a great lover of all things pretty, so I decided to dedicate my blog to her.

If you have any more questions you can always tweet me @AlissiaDTN and I'll be sure to respond.

I hope you enjoy it here :)

Love, Alissia x