Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Test: Trying Out a Clarisonic

I've never been interested in trying a clarisonic, as I was never using a cleanser that I thought would go well with the clarisonic. This all changed when recently I got the Origins Zero Oil cleanser, I had heard from a couple of other beauty bloggers that the clarisonic with the Zero Oil cleanser is their favourite combo.
Now I still didn't want to risk spending 150 euros on a divice without knowing if I would really like it. So when I noticed my sister's clarisonic brush head was starting to look a little bit worse for wear I battered my eyelashes at her and made her a proposal. I suggested that we would buy a Replacement Brush Head Twin Pack together off FeelUnique, one for her and one for me. This way she would have a new brush head for cheaper and I could put her clarisonic to the test for awhile with my own brush head. Luckily I have a very sweet older sister, so she agreed to the 'deal'.

So over the next couple of weeks, I'll be trialing the clarisonic mia with a sensitive brush head. As my skin is pretty sensitive I won't be overdoing it. I think I'll start probably by using it once every other day and work my way towards using it once every day. As a lot of you probably now, most people suffer from a 'purging fase' where all the nasties come to the skin surface resulting in a lot of spots. Now just yesterday I read on Caroline Hirons' Blog a post that purging fases actually don't exist, that it's just your skin telling you that a certain product/device doesn't work for you. So if the 'purfing fase' would happen to me, I would first of all cry very hard and secondly stop using the clarisonic immediately. 

So I'll update you in a couple of weeks time with the progress. So far I've used the Clarisonic once in combination with the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser and my skin felt very lovely and soft afterwards. It is a bit of a weird feeling though, it seems like you're cleaning your face with a giant toothbrush, still need some getting used to that sensation. 

Do any of you use a clarisonic or any similar device? 
How do you get a long? 

Love, Alissia x


  1. I really want to try the clarisonic but I'm not sure if I want to foot the bill so please let me know how you get on with it! x


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