Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Body: Lierac Sunific Après-Soleil Iridescent Satin Milk

Another summer essential for me definitely has to be a good after sun. The perfect one for me is not too runny, nor too thick, it rubs in quickly and sinks in quickly too and it doesn't leave you looking like a glimball. 

This Lierac Sunific Après-Soleil Iridescent Satin Milk: Tan Activating & Tan Prolonging - a mouthful right there - almost ticks every single one of those boxes. It comes out quite runny, but once you rub it in it turns much thicker but still sinks it quite nicely. It also doesn't leave a noticeable sheen on your skin. The only downfall I have for this one is that it leaves glitter particles on your skin. Now I didn't notice this right away, it took me a couple of days to see that I was shining like a Vampire in the sun - not a look I'm going for. 

So overall I think it's a very nice after sun, but I think I'll just stick to my legs with this one. I don't mind the sheen/glitter on my legs too much as it gives a bit of a slimming affect. The rest of my body however I prefer to keep matte. 

Good to know too is that you can use this after sun on your body & on your face. I for one only like using products on my face that are specifically designed for the face, plus I REALLY wouldn't like my face to look like a vampire's face, but for those of you who like a little shimmer - this might be the after sun of your dreams!

As for the tan activating & tan prolonging aspect of the cream, I can't really report on that yet as I'm still in the sun so I can't really say if it will prolong my tan once I'm back home. I did notice yesterday that I tanned much easier & faster than usual, so maybe I have to thank this after sun for that. 

What is your favourite after sun? Do you think it makes a difference or do you just tend to use any odd moisturiser? 
Love, Alissia x

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