Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Outfit: High Waisted Denim Shorts

Top - Urban Outfitters (SS 11)
Belt - Pull & Bear (SS 13)
Shorts - Pull & Bear (SS 13)

Let's just start by saying that I would possibly be the worst model ever. Honestly, I was so awkward in front of the camera - AND there wasn't even anyone behind it :D - I didn't have a clue how to pose/what to do with my limbs. Oh my it wasn't a pretty sight. Let's hope there is some YouTube tutorial I can watch on how to pose eh ;-) 

Now on to the actual subject of this blogpost. An absolute summer staple in my opinion, high waisted denim shorts. Now it took me quite a while actually to find a pair I liked. I was drooling over the Bambi & Manson ones for a long time, but I just didn't have a budget that stretched that far. So when I saw these babies on the Pull & Bear site I knew they were perfect. They have them in two colours, blue & black and I bought both for 17,99 euros each here in Portugal. I'm pretty sure they'll be more expensive in other countries, but they still won't be crazy expensive. 

I love to wear mine with little crop tops, but even just simple vests tucked into them looks lovely. Your options with these are pretty endless. My favourite shoes to wear with them are my burgundy vans, but even there you can go with something different. If you want to be a bit more dressy, you could pair them with some ankle boots and it would look stunning too. 

I love how simple this outfit looks, but when paired with a bold lip it looks very fierce in my opinion. Definitely one of those go to outfits for me during summer. 

Are you rocking the high waisted denims this summer? Which ones are your favourite? 

Love, Alissia x

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  1. Love the outfit !


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