Friday, 26 July 2013

The Makeup: Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks

After Clinique launched their Chubby Sticks, company after company seems to be coming out with lip crayons, but you don't hear me complaining I for one love lip crayons. Their easy to apply and usually leave just a nice sheer wash of colour.
 I haven't tried all the lip pencils out there, I've tried the Clinique ones which were a bit too creamy for me, the Revlon ones which I hated the chemically minty smell of. So I was very exciting when I found these Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks at the drugstore. I swatched them on my hand and they seemed to be perfect for me. So I picked up two of the four shades. I got the pinky red shade and the orange shade. There is also a true pink shade and a peachy pink shade.

Excuse the crooked lips, I can't seem to smile without showing my teeth and not have a crooked mouth. 

So the shade you see here is the pinky red shade. It's my favourite of the two. As I have quite pigmented lips naturally most light sheer lipsticks don't really show up very well on my lips, they just look more like a gloss than a real colour. The Bourjois Color Boost lip pencil in Red Sunrise however shows up very nicely and I really love the colour. I also love how these feel on the lips, it really feels like your not even wearing anything.

The other shade I picked up was Orange Punch, as you can see it isn't a really true orange. I think my dark pigmented lips might have something to do with that. I'm quite sure if your natural lip colour is a bit lighter, the shade would show up more orange. None the less, I still really like this colour too. 

These lip pencils claim to last up to 10 hours, now I can say they do really last a long time for a glossy lip pencils, but they certainly do not last up to 10 hours, you do have to reapply them throughout the day as they wear off in the centre of the lips and they don't stay on very well when drinking/eating. 

Something else I find great about these is that they contain SPF 15, which makes these the perfect beach/pool lip product for me. I hate it when my lips get burned and swollen from the sun, so I always put a lip balm with SPF on while by the pool or by the beach. A lip crayon with SPF in it however is even better than a boring lip balm. 

So overall I think these are some great new products from Bourjois and they weren't even that pricey, I believe I paid around 10 euros each. 

Have any of you guys tried these? Which is your favourite shade?

Love, Alissia x


  1. The red sunrise shade looks gorgeous. Perfect for summer and bronzy makeup :)


    1. Yes, they really are perfect for summer! :) x

  2. The Orange Punch shade looks amazing! and both shades look great on you! :)


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