Monday, 26 August 2013

The Body: Prolonging the Tan

I don't know about you, but for me building up a tan is quite a chore. I don't particularly like lying in the scorching sun for hours on end (while wearing SPF!). So when I finally build up a little bit of colour, I won't to preserve for as long as possible. That's were these babies come in. 

First up, I scrub my body about once a week, just to get rid of the dead skincells, because nothing is worse than when your skin starts to peel and you end up looking like a snake. To scrub my body I use The Body Shop Scrub Gloves just with whatever showergel or bodyscrub we have lyring around. I find this to be more effective than just using your hand with a bodyscrub. 

Something else I like to do to prevent the snake situation from happening is moisturise, moisturise & moisturise! For this I like to use a thick body butter such as the Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter, as I have very dry limbs. I try to do this every evening, but I must admit I don't always remember. 

Now when you start noticing that your tan is fading, I like to top up with the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tan, I have the shade for normal to dark skintones. This is really great for self tanning noobs like myself, who just want something quick and easy that doesn't leave you with any horrible tan patches. 

So those were my tips to keep your body bronzed as long as possible, is you have any other do let me know! 

Love, Alissia x

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