Friday, 2 August 2013

The Face: La Roche Posay Serozinc

Let me just start by saying sorry. After reading this post you're probably going to want to have this product, but it is only available in France. So if you're lucky enough to live there or have family there or go on holiday there once in a while, then good for you, you can probably get your mits on this. For the rest of you, it's a tough life ;-)

Now on to the product itself. A couple of weeks ago my mom and a friend of hers went to Paris for the day for both of their birthdays. Now being a loyal reader of Caroline Hirons blog, I knew all about this product already without ever have layed eyes on it. I also knew it was only available in France for some annoying reason. So I asked my mom kindly that if she were to pass a pharmacy in Paris, if she could go in and have a look if they had the La Roche Posay Serozinc. You can imagine how happy I was when I got a text that she had found it. Thanks mom, you're such a dear :) 

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I'm addicted to the stuff - and it's almost running out nooooooo. I use this toner twice a day, every day to keep my oil under control and to prevent new blemishes and heal current ones. I really can tell a big difference when using this, my skin is so much clearer. I even had a little experiment while on holiday and I stopped using my skincare routine twice a day, just to see if it really made such a difference. I came back home all spotty on my forehead and chin. Starting using this baby again and three days later it was all sorted again. Love it! I think I'll be going to Lille sometime in the near future and stock up on this stuff. For 5,90 euros, it's a pretty good deal too. 

Have you ever tried this toner? Have I made you want it? ;) 

UPDATE: My mom works in a pharmacy and she checked if she was able to order the Serozinc and she is, the only downside is that it is double the price. So it might be interesting to ask your local pharmacy if they are able to do the same

Love, Alissia x

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  1. Oooh I really want to get this! I heard about it about from Caroline too! xx
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