Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Makeup: L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara

Finding the perfect mascara is very tricky. Some make your lashes clump together, others don't provide any lenght and some even make your lashes too big. Mascara is also something very personal, everybody wants something different from their mascara. I for one want one that will lenghten a bit, add a bit of volume but won't clump my lashes together leaving me spider lashes. I HATE them. 

My favourite all time mascara I've tried so far is Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils Mascara, but with its pricetag it isn't the best for my bank balance. I've been trying to look for a cheaper replacement, but haven't been succesful this far. 

One that has come close however is the L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara, I got this one of my mom as she didn't like it. With just a couple of layers it adds some lengths, a bit of volume and the best is that it doesn't clump. If you go overboard however you will be left with spider lashes. It last very well, doesn't smudge or budge at all. It is a little harder to get off though, Bioderma doesn't make the cut for this one. Not as good as my beloved YSL mascara, but hey for about 1/3 of the price I'm pretty happy. 

Have any of you tried this mascara?
Which is you all time favourite mascara? 

Love, Alissia x


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  2. I'm a lover of the original L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara, which has been discontinued, and I'm trying to find the one you have, but here in Italy it's impossible to find the waterproof version of it! :(


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